Smith & Wesson Propaganda

Don’t Drink the Smith & Wesson Kool-Aid!

A quick rant: Don’t buy into the Smith & Wesson propaganda. After working on a J-frame S&W 637 over the weekend I’m going to have to call BS on this video. The trigger pull on a J-frame revolver is well over 15 lbs. A S&W J-frame (642, 638, 637, Bodyguard 38) would not be a revolver I would recommend to any person, let alone a female, without a trigger job. Not only is the pull over 15 lbs, the trigger isn’t smooth without tuning the action. I have a Taurus with a better trigger than the J-frame, which puts my LCR leagues ahead of the Smith. It’s a great piece of marketing by Smith & Wesson, too bad their product doesn’t live up to it. Don’t drink the S&W Kool-Aid unless it’s from the Performance Center!!!! End rant.

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