GWCLIn addition to firearms training, Ironworks Defense Training provides consultation services for a multitude of firearm and security related interests. Services include assistance in firearm and holster selection, security planning, security assessments, assistance on NFA weapons, assistance on the process to obtain a Georgia Weapons Carry License.

GalcoSumComf1The NRA Pistol courses that are offered by Ironworks Defense Training meets the education requirements for non-resident firearms permits from states like Florida. Unlike Georgia, a Florida non-resident permit will allow you to carry your pistol in Ohio and certain other states. Ironworks Defense Training offers consultation on non-resident firearms permits and state-to-state reciprocity.

The hourly rate for consultation is $40/hour, with a one-hour minimum and in 1/2 hour increments thereafter. Click here for more information on consultation or private instruction.

Contact us regarding booking consultation or private instruction services.