Concealed Carry

Revolvers for Concealed Carry & Personal Defense

A Little History

The handheld revolver has a history dating back to the 1600’s. Around the mid 1830’s, Samuel Colt  was granted patents for a mechanically operated revolver. This allowed him to create a revolver which spun the cylinder mechanically, utilizing the hammer and a pawl. This was a major milestone for what will eventually be the modern revolver. Other notable milestones include these revolvers:

  • Colt Dragoon (1850): “Single Action” revolver utilizing the hammer to mechanically advance the cylinder with a pawl.
  • Smith & Wesson No. 1 (1860): Had a manually operated cylinder (due to Colt’s patents), but it used a .22 rimfire cartridge, instead of a cap and ball.
  • Colt Single Action Army (1873): One of the most recognized, single-action revolvers and still cloned by many manufacturers today. The SAA was a gate loaded, cartridge revolver chambered for .45 Colt.
  • Colt New Army & Navy (1892): First commercially successful swing-out cylinder revolver.


Review: Hogue Tamer Bantam Boot Grip for the Ruger LCR

What Can Possibly Make the Ruger LCR a Better Revolver?

Ruger LCR Boot

Ruger LCR – HiViz Fiber Optic Sights and Hogue’s Bantam Boot Grip

So, when exactly did this current pocket gun craze start? Pocket guns have been around for a while; Remington’s double derringer was introduced in 1866 and small pocket guns have been around since then. The Walther PP’s have been made since 1922 and the popular J-frame Smiths started with the Chief’s Special in the 1950’s. But the aforementioned pocket guns have had one thing in common: weight, they were all boat anchors. (more…)

Smith & Wesson Propaganda

Don’t Drink the Smith & Wesson Kool-Aid!

A quick rant: Don’t buy into the Smith & Wesson propaganda. After working on a J-frame S&W 637 over the weekend I’m going to have to call BS on this video. The trigger pull on a J-frame revolver is well over 15 lbs. A S&W J-frame (642, 638, 637, Bodyguard 38) would not be a revolver I would recommend to any person, let alone a female, without a trigger job. Not only is the pull over 15 lbs, the trigger isn’t smooth without tuning the action. I have a Taurus with a better trigger than the J-frame, which puts my LCR leagues ahead of the Smith. It’s a great piece of marketing by Smith & Wesson, too bad their product doesn’t live up to it. Don’t drink the S&W Kool-Aid unless it’s from the Performance Center!!!! End rant.

Should You Lighten the Trigger Pull on Your Self-Defense Handgun?

Is Getting a Trigger Job for Your Self-Defense Handgun a Good Idea?

The internet: it’s chock full of people who spew out information like it’s going out of style, whether right or wrong, they’ll spew it out. A huge rumor floating around on the internet, propagated by the fear-mongers, is that if you lighten the trigger pull on your self-defense gun, that you’ll be prosecuted for murder. The folks will have you believe that any modifications you make to your handgun, which makes it a more efficient killing tool, will subject you to the full wrath of a prosecutor.

Kahr CM9

Kahr CM9: The Kahr has a long, smooth trigger pull, reminiscent of a revolver trigger. Breaking just over 6 pounds, it doesn’t require any modification.


Review: High Noon Holster’s Mr. Softy for the Ruger SP101

Mr. Softy for the Ruger SP101

Ruger SP101 in a High Noon Holster Mr. Softy

Ruger SP101 in a High Noon Holster Mr. Softy

When I hear the name Mr. Softy (actually spelled Softee), it brings me back to the days of my childhood. Hearing the ice cream truck’s crackling speaker playing that old familiar tune and waiting in anticipation for a toasted almond or strawberry shortcake ice cream bar. (more…)

Do You Carry at Home?

Don’t Be a Victim in Your Own Home

Remember Beverly Hills: 90210, well… it’s more like Buckhead, GA 30327. Buckhead consistently ranks near the top of the rankings among surveys in the southeast for highest median incomes and real estate prices. It’s a target rich environment for the predators of the world and this fact couldn’t have been more evident this past-Saturday evening.

Pocket Carry: Ruger LCR in a Desantis Nemesis

Pocket Carry: Ruger LCR in a Desantis Nemesis


High Capacity Hogwash

 Opinion:  High Capacity Concealed Carry is an Oxymoron.

Ruger LCR

Ruger LCR

Ok, I never understood some people’s desire to carry 40+ rounds concealed, much less actually being able to conceal it.  If you’re LEO, maybe… but I was, and I always carried a single stack .45 or 9mm off-duty and one extra mag.  Never felt that I needed more than 15 rounds.