At Ironworks Defense Training we offer an exclusive firearm training & consultation service.

Courses are tailored for shooters of all expertise, from the NRA FIRST Steps Pistol course to Advance Personal Defense pistol courses. In addition to structured courses, we offer shooting instruction and technique reinforcement for those who are looking to improve their shooting in general.

Ironworks Defense Training only offers personalized, one-on-one and small group training. A pistol course at your local range consists of a group of 10 other people, from different walks of life and with different skill levels. In a large group you might get the necessary instruction, but who is there to make sure you’re doing things right when you’re shooting? It is difficult for one, maybe two, instructors to watch over 8-12 people safely. Firearms training is a serious thing and you should get the personalized attention you desire while learning. Find out about my experience here.

While the majority of clients choose private shooting instruction at the range, Ironworks Defense Training also offers private instruction for NRA certified pistol courses. The classroom portion of the courses are taught in the comfort of your home; a safe and discreet environment. Don’t worry, we won’t do any shooting there!  The live fire portion of the course is conducted at Adventure Outdoors’ Remington Range on South Cobb Drive in Smyrna. Adventure Outdoors’ range offers a comfortable shooting atmosphere and excellent air filtration systems, which is one of the most important qualities of an indoor range.

Adventure Outdoors Range

Courses over four (4) hours in length, which involve both classroom and range portions can be split up into two days for the client’s convenience, or done in one day. Generally courses split into two days will involve the classroom portion on the first day and the range portion on the second.

Clients attending the Advanced Personal Defense Pistol Course must call in advance for arrangements. The Advance Personal Defense Pistol Course is held at an outdoor range and accommodations must be made in advance.

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