Website Changes – Bye Bye GoDaddy!

Cimarron Thunderer chambered in .357 Magnum

Ok, admittedly so this post is not about the Cimarron Thunderer chambered in my favorite cartridge, the .357 magnum. But, you probably figured that out by the title of the post, so what is this about?

I registered with GoDaddy in Jan 2015 and I purchased their website builder tool (not sure you can call it a tool, more of a hinderance to creativity). I created a website and also created this blog on WordPress at the same time. Over the course of the last year, I’ve spent countless number of hours on the phone and online with GoDaddy. Pictures wouldn’t load, website builder wouldn’t display correctly, website was down, formatting was all jacked up, essentially – all sorts of technical issues. No more!

Jan 2016, time to start anew. Moved the pages to WordPress, cancelled everything with GoDaddy except for the domain name registration and mapped my WordPress site to my domain name. All of what you see here. Tired of GoDaddy not working, hopefully WordPress will serve me better. No offense Danica, I still think you’re hot!

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