Month: January 2015

A Resurgence in 10mm? Sig Sauer and Glock’s New 10mm Pistols

Did the Glock 40 MOS and Sig P220 make the 10mm Auto cool again?

10mm 357

10mm Auto & .357 magnum

With new choices from Glock and Sig Sauer, has the 10mm Auto round become cool again? The Glock 40 MOS sports a 6-inch barrel with their Modular Optic System.  Sig Sauer’s four offerings will be based off the P220 platform, all with 5-inch barrels.


Initial Impressions Review: Heckler & Koch’s VP9 and the FNH’s FNS-9 Long Slide

Initial Impressions of the H&K VP9 and the FNS-9 Long Slide



Looks like all the major firearms manufacturers are getting into the striker fired game, just like they’ve got into the long slide, red-dot sight cut competition pistol game. Earlier this month, I had an opportunity to put some rounds downrange with the VP9 and the FNS-9 Long Slide.  Neither of these pistols are that new, but they are new to me.


Pardon the Changes

A newb, greenhorn, rookie… Whatever you want to call me

Ok, so needless to say WordPress is a new thing to me. It is officially my first foray into the world of blogging.  To my delight, there are some people visiting the page, albeit they’re not swarming here in droves, boo!  If they were, I’d commercialize this beatch.

I’ve already changed my theme, from one minimalist theme to another.  I’ve edited my posts like crazy.  I’ve got 12 revisions on a post I uploaded yesterday.



Review: XS Big Dot Night Sight for the Ruger SP101

Product Review: XS Big Dot Night Sight RV-0001N-3

I’m on a roll today so I guess I’ll throw something in my “Gear Reviews” category with a brief review of the XS Big Dot Tritium Front Night Sight for my Ruger SP-101 2.25 inch (what a mouthful).  This sight is actually designed for J-framed Smiths as well, but in my case, I use it on my SP101, so your mileage may vary.

XS Big Dot

XS Big Dot installed on a Ruger SP101

Let me start off by saying that the tritium insert is from Trijicon.  My preference in night sights has always leaned towards Meprolight, rather than Trijicon.   The tritium inserts Meprolight uses just seem bigger and brighter.  So I first bought the Meprolight front night sight for the SP101… mistake.  It was a royal pain in the backside to install: filing, fitting, filing, fitting… repeat 100x.  Once it was installed it completely jacked up my sight picture.  Can’t have any of that non-sense going on, so I got rid of it and purchased the XS Big Dot.  Installation of the XS sight also required filing, fitting and drilling (don’t try this at home if you’re squeamish, just find a gunsmith) but the process was much easier, because the sight was more properly fitted for the slot to begin with.


The Redneck Snowplow

A Redneck Snowplow for Snowmageddon:

Ok, a quick aside from the gun talk – not that there’s a lot… yet.

So it’s pretty hard to avoid the media coverage of the “Blizzard of 2015″ so I was thinking about the Northeast (because it’s where I’m from).  Other than the Belicheat Deflategate scandal (oh yea, he knew about it) and the tons of horse manure the Patriots are spewing to the media, which is covering the state, there is also 2 feet of snow burying those folks up there in Massachusetts.

They closed roads and had travel restrictions.  Kinda reminded me of our little debacle down here in the Southeast last year called “Snowmageddon 2014″.   So, for a little entertainment, I dug up this video to illustrate how we do it in the South!


High Capacity Hogwash

 Opinion:  High Capacity Concealed Carry is an Oxymoron.

Ruger LCR

Ruger LCR

Ok, I never understood some people’s desire to carry 40+ rounds concealed, much less actually being able to conceal it.  If you’re LEO, maybe… but I was, and I always carried a single stack .45 or 9mm off-duty and one extra mag.  Never felt that I needed more than 15 rounds.


Hello World!

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