The Redneck Snowplow

A Redneck Snowplow for Snowmageddon:

Ok, a quick aside from the gun talk – not that there’s a lot… yet.

So it’s pretty hard to avoid the media coverage of the “Blizzard of 2015″ so I was thinking about the Northeast (because it’s where I’m from).  Other than the Belicheat Deflategate scandal (oh yea, he knew about it) and the tons of horse manure the Patriots are spewing to the media, which is covering the state, there is also 2 feet of snow burying those folks up there in Massachusetts.

They closed roads and had travel restrictions.  Kinda reminded me of our little debacle down here in the Southeast last year called “Snowmageddon 2014″.   So, for a little entertainment, I dug up this video to illustrate how we do it in the South!


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