Birthday Boys

No Concealed Carry at the ******** Aquarium, so they say.


Sea Dragon


Ok, so my birthday was sometime this month.  My son and I share the same birthday, so we went to the ******** Aquarium on our birthday.  Their website clearly prohibits outside food/drink, blah blah blah, oh yeah … and guns on the premises; so I respected their wishes.  The security there was appalling, a lady with two children brought a convenience store and fed her horses (umm, children) in the 3D theatre.  I had a camera, opened the bag, the ladies looked at the camera and said, “you’re fine” and then used the handheld metal detector on me.  I could’ve had a bazooka attached as my DSLR lens and they wouldn’t have noticed.  So I was probably the only one in the aquarium not carrying that day.  Oh well.

(For OPSEC purposes, the name of the aquarium has been left out, but it not very difficult to figure it out)

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