About Eric

SGT1Eric is the founder and training manager for Ironworks Defense Training LLC.

Eric has served as a Police Sergeant in a metropolitan Atlanta police department for 7 1/2 years prior to returning to the private sector. After graduating from SWAT school, he was on the department’s SWAT team for 5 years and has extensive tactical weapons experience. Eric served as one of his department’s pistol and AR-15 rifle armorers and ran the department’s force-on-force and Active Shooter training, he currently holds an active Glock Armorer and AR-15 Rifle Armor Certification. Eric has also been trained in surveillance detection and executive protection among his other police certifications.

Swat School - Rappelling 078As far as his training background, Eric was one of the department’s certified Field Training Officers and also assisted as a firearms instructor during pistol and patrol rifle classes; he has helped many new and veteran officers during annual qualifications.

Outside of law enforcement, Eric has been shooting for 18 years and has both the experience and responsibility of carrying a firearm as part of his job and as a civilian. Eric is an N.R.A. Certified Pistol Instructor. He enjoys to teach shooters of all levels, especially helping first time shooters.

Eric maintains many contacts in metro Atlanta’s Law Enforcement Agencies and remains abreast of current tactical training and advancements in equipment.

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